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Protect your revenue with our AI-powered identity verification software suite

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Fraud Ranger has given our verification process a whole new layer of professionalism and efficiency, all the while providing us peace of mind knowing our guests are properly screened before staying.


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Leader in automating identity verification software and identity document coverage

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Check automation rate

We’re the first IDV service to offer this number – our document checks are now 98% automated.

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Get instant verification

There’s not much you can do in 6 seconds, but your customers can get an approved verification that fast

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Verified on the first try

Thanks to Assisted Image Capture, your users take perfect verification photos on the first try, meaning less resubmissions.

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Document Coverage

We can match people with their government-issued IDs from all over the world, helping fight fraud and remain KYC compliant.

Identity Verification Software Process - Fraud Ranger

Our Products & Industries

Facial Recognition​

We use AI to match the images of your user’s government issued ID and their selfie to make sure they’re a real person while also screening for fake IDs.

Automated Identity Verification

We’ve partnered with data warehouses to build a tool that gives you the power to verify the relationships between the name, address and phone of your users..

Fake ID Check

The first ever property-management-side user review database. Identity problematic guests before they become a liability.

Age Minimum Check

Guest Ranger is able to identify requests that don’t fit your age-minimum and notify you instantly.


Secure digital transactions with our real-time eCommerce and retail fraud prevention software for online businesses.

Online Gaming

Prevent fraud with our AI-powered ID verification for online gaming. Know your players, onboard faster & boost conversions.


Instantly detect and monitor fraud through multi-layered biometric and AI technology. Fraud Ranger will make sure you know everything you need to, including if your customer is who they say they are.


Provide healthcare services with greater certainty using our patient identity verification and fraud prevention software.

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